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“Tumblr prides itself on being a home for brands, established and emerging, we at Yahoo are all about brands,” Mayer said on the call.

not to be too too too cynical but I know all the people I follow on Tumblr and all the people who follow me are united in one thing and one thing only: their ravenous enthusiasm for brands. “I came for the sense of a new community, one with a keen feel for the visual but with a passion for language, too,” they say, “but it’s the brands that keep me here. Sweet Christ I love brands. Let the mountains collapse into dust and the oceans all boil, but give me brands,” they cry in the night. I personally remember, as a child, pleading with my parents to let me interface with my favorite brands. And interface we did. With the brands. The glorious, glorious brands

I cried…but I’m not sure why.

Well, I don’t know about you guys, but whenever I’m on my dashboard, I just keep staring at the Radar, hoping like Hell that the next time it refreshes, it’ll have some kind of animated gif for one of those brands I’m so crazy about. 

In fact, I was just punching myself in the junk the other day and saying, “What Tumblr needs is more brands! Why aren’t there more brands on Tumblr to break up the endless stream of original content, clever memes, beautiful pictures, nostalgic photographs, links to things I care about, and that sense of community I get when I read a chain of reblogs?”

I, for one, welcome our new Yahoo brand-delivering overlords … as long as they promise to keep delivering the brands that we all came to Tumblr to be branded by in the first place.

2013-05-30 16:32:28

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