As some if you already know, I worked at Sony Pictures Imageworks from 2005 to 2012. Then four months later, back at SPI until 2013. Two months later I was hired back and worked until the first week of March. I’ve written before about how I am trying not to just be my job, and how I don’t want to let such an unstable industry define me. Barely any time passed before I was hired for a short-term, high-OT project, only four weeks, for a non-film thing. This is why I haven’t put effort in to trying to be creative. I simply haven’t had the energy. I thought some explanation here would help at least act as filler – much like my reblogged fluff – until I can have some more me-time.

Hopefully, this isn’t the part where I jinx myself. It’s almost certain I’ll never live up to my own expectations, especially when I have all the time in the world, so I’ll leave out any specific promises.

2014-04-24 23:41:05

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