Boss Too, Shall Pass

Someone dispatches a frantic, urgent, flailing message to you over Microsoft Lync. There is so much urgency. Fires must be put out. You must answer for the fires existing. Did I mention this was urgent? Put it in your “urgent” pile. The one sorted by urgency.

There are different styles of management. Some may take the team out for coffee. Some may enforce a no overtime rule on Fridays. Some may say the world us burning every five fucking minutes.

It can be really difficult to work with people that are constantly bombarding you with emergencies, because it turns you in to a support structure. Instead of having a boss that facilitates good work, you have the burden of managing a grown adult’s mood.

You doubt yourself, of course, because obviously you must have done something to anger the person. You failed. Then you start to realize that’s like trying to appease a volcano. Maybe it has nothing to do with you?

My grandmother used to say, “And this too, shall pass.” Not just about the good times, but about the bad. So you have a supervisor that buys you beer? Enjoy it because he won’t be your boss forever. You have a boss that’s a flaming hemroid? Prepare to move on from him.

As an employee, it is difficult to separate your feelings from your current situation. To remind yourself that you have done work that was good – that people have even thanked you before. That’s the most important perspective to maintain. This is but one of many bosses.

At least there’s Lync.

2014-05-07 23:58:42

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