Adventures in Server Administration III: World's Greatest Redirect

The gents at The Prompt released a shirt for their podcast (I bought it, bro). People started sending in selfies, while wearing the shir,t to the show (not me, braaahh). In yesterday’s episode, Stephen Hackett announced he had started a photo gallery page to collect them on his site.

I contacted Stephen and asked if he’d like me to provide a redirect of the selfies from the joke URL, As loyal reader(s) may recall, that was the joke project that got me started on this whole learning-web-hosting adventure.

Stephen asked for “/selfies” to be the redirect. Sure thing, I told him, no problem!


I couldn’t find documentation for how to implement a redirect in Twisted for a subdirectory, but leave the rest of the static site hosting alone. I looked on StackOverflow, and Twisted’s docs. I could find stuff for redirects, but it was all part of a code blocks that dynamically generated content, which wasn’t my situation. I logged in to Twisted’s IRC chatroom on Freenode, and asked there. I also started a StackOverflow account and asked there. Then I watched Archer since it didn’t seem like anyone was going to reply quickly.

Someone Replied Quickly

Not just any one, Glyph, the Twisted guy. He replied in the chat, but I missed it over the sound of cartoon violence. He even found my question on StackOverflow and answered it. Seriously impressed that he went out of his way to be so nice to a n00b.

from twisted.web.util import Redirect
fooDotComResource.putChild("bar", Redirect(""))

An import, and one line. Hard to screw that up.

Unfortunately, I didn’t understand how to apply his answer. I mistakenly tried to apply it to the site code at the bottom of the file where the “application” is generated. It didn’t work, so I went to bed. This morning, it dawned on me that I should have the redirect on the root class. That everything is just modifying root, not what’s generated from root. Sure enough, that worked. Thanks Glyph, you are l337.

Also, it took 12 hours for me to pull off this joke. Now that’s what I call comedic –

– timing.

2014-05-15 11:40:51

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