End of an Era - Follow-up

The other day, a friend emailed me to let me know that my post about Imageworks closing in Culver City was up on the VFX Soldier blog. I didn’t know it would find its way there, and I had not talked to Daniel about any of it. The last we spoke was when I ran in to him at a mall, when he was working for Digital Domain years ago. My blog is mostly for personal things, and isn’t a call-to-action, or anything. There was some argument in the comments over on VFX Soldier about pro-LA, anti-Canada, anti-Tax, pro… Etc. That wasn’t what the post was about, it was just about my feelings, and definitely not deep analysis. I winced at the thought of coworkers reading my piece, but I guess that’s just self-doubt about my writing. My blog is basically about nonsense, so please don’t stick around for any further emotional outbursts. Just for the really bad puns, and sarcasm.


2014-06-07 12:45:00

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