Defocused 13: 'Racing Bulldozers' with Stephen Hackett

Stephen Hackett, of and Relay FM fame, was kind enough to be a guest on our silly podcast. He’s a former Apple Genius, and has a love for all things Apple. ‘Pirates of Silicon Valley’ seemed like a natural fit. We love to have guests on that are excited, and passionate about the movie they want to talk about. (Casey Liss and ‘Collateral’, and Myke Hurley and ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. The World’.) Unfortunately, the movie wasn’t quite as we remembered it.

I still have a certain fondness for it, if only because it reminds me of how I felt about Apple at the time I watched the TV movie in 1999. Even the unintentionally comedic moments in the scene are still interesting.

2014-09-10 09:53:40

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