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I am on vacation from my job that involves computers, so I am using computers. Of course I am. I was never happy with the look of the blog (I’m still not happy) but I feel like I got a decent visual refresh in.

I am playing with some CSS properties that I haven’t played with before, so I am not sure it will work across all browsers, on all systems, but that might not be such a bad thing (theoretically, the worst thing is that the BG image won’t load, or the blend-modes won’t blend and will just be solid.) I also fixed a long-standing bug where TypeKit was not being included in my template for the About Page so it was rendering in other fonts. You were most likely treated to Avenir Next if you didn’t have Adobe Source Sans Pro on your system.

I am pretty unhappy with the navigation controls at the bottom. They are laid out OK on a desktop, but look really gross on iOS. In fact, I can’t really do the fun background stuff effectively on the phone, so it just uses it for a hint of color around the sides.

I wrote the static-site blogging engine myself, so naturally, this explains a lot. It’s called, yakbarber, if you were unaware of that.

Elk Barber

I had also messed around with some photos from my trip to the Grand Canyon in Adobe’s LightRoom 5. This is my first time using LightRoom, but I will save my Aperture vs. LightRoom thoughts for another time. I thought the elk was visually interesting enough to use as a BG photo, without being about anything specific.

In future updates, I want to include a per-post background (or at least the option to use one instead of a default image) just to add some visual interest. Probably something that will go with the yellow and blue thing going on here.

I hope none of this distracts you from reading my thoughtfully composed text, and well-considered opinions. Butts.

Look Forward to Nodding at Your Feedback

If you have any specific requests, or notice particular problems, please feel free to ping me about it on Twitter. I am not a web developer by trade and do appreciate feedback on my cluttered CSS and nested divs full of blend-mode shenanigans.

2015-01-28 13:20:00

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