Who is This ‘Joe’ Person?

I am a visual effects artist, podcaster, and recreational blog writer. I write mostly frivolous stuff centered around technology, podcasts, and occasionally visual effects. My personal opinions are represented here, and I don’t speak for any past, present, future, or alternate-future-timeline employer.

Professional Work

Speaking of professional work, I have a BFA in Computer Animation and I have worked in the field of visual effects for film since 2005. Those details are available on my demo reel website.

Unprofessional Work

Defocused Podcast

I am one half of the Defocused podcast with Dan Sturm. It is a very casual discussion about things related to film. Sometimes kombucha, coffee, and sandwiches.

Unhelpful Suggestions

I also do a technology podcast with my friend Mikah Sargent.


If you want to get in touch with me about anything written on this site, then please contact me on twitter or mastodon

Why is This Website so Bad?

I wrote the static blogging engine that made the site in Python. It’s available here, on GitHub. It is named after the concept of yak shaving.