Who is This ‘Joe’ Person?

I am an amateur blowhard, and recreational blog writer. I write mostly frivolous stuff centered around technology, podcasts, and occasionally visual effects. My personal opinions are represented here, if it wasn’t obvious from my tone, and I don’t speak for any past, present, future, or alternate-future-timeline employer.

Professional Work

Speaking of professional work, I have a BFA in Computer Animation and I have worked in the field of visual effects for film since 2005. Those boring details are available on my demo reel website.

Unprofessional Work

Defocused Podcast

I am one half of the Defocused podcast with Dan Sturm. It is a very casual discussion about things related to film. Sometimes kombucha, coffee, and sandwiches.

Terrible Podcast Screenplays

I am also known for writing the occasional Terrible Podcast Screenplay. Those started out as iTunes reviews for podcasts written in the style of a fan-fiction screenplay. Everyone needs a hobby.


If you want to get in touch with me about anything written on this site, then please contact me on twitter @joesteel.

Why is This Website so Bad?

I wrote the static blogging engine that made the site in Python. It’s available here, on GitHub. It is named after the concept of yak shaving.