Vision Pro and the Challenge of 3D Movies ►

Last week the Accidental Tech Podcast talked about 3D movies in episode 573, and I sent in some feedback, which was mentioned in episode 574 this week. Part of that feedback was a member’s post I wrote for Six Colors last Summer when people were very excited about 3D movies on the Apple Vision Pro. That post is unlocked now, so I encourage anyone interested in posting opinions about 3D movies to read it and it’ll (hopefully) help people craft some more informed opinions.

I still see people use “real” or “fake” 3D to preemptively decide on the 3D quality of 3D movie. It feels very comfortable, in a First Principles kind of way. That’s a false comfort though, because nothing is that neat and tidy. If you won’t listen to me, listen to Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Todd Vaziri’s feedback in that same ATP 574 episode.

I also have a related post dissecting some Spatial Videos, with a video walkthrough, that is still behind the Six Colors membership paywall. I encourage people to subscribe for all the member benefits that have nothing to do with me, but I help out too.

2024-02-15 12:00:00

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