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Over at The Incomparable, Scott McNulty and Jason Snell just celebrated a big milestone: covering the final episode of Star Trek: Discovery a show that they talked about beginning to end.

They had a few episodes of the TeeVee podcast dedicated to Star Trek: Discovery, where they covered the weekly releases, and eventually that spun off into it’s own podcast, Vulcan Hello (which may be a reference to the first episode of Star Trek: Discovery “The Vulcan Hello”).

The podcast continues on, but the thing it’s named for is over now. That’s kind of bittersweet, but I’m relieved that I’ll still have Scott and Jason to listen to whenever Star Trek: Strange New Worlds comes back.

Every week there was a new episode, I’d watch it, then hop into a conversation about it with other Incomparable hosts, and then finally listen to that week’s episode of Vulcan Hello. Rinse and repeat.

I’m grateful that I’ve also been on Vulcan Hello as a guest, or on other “season round-up” episodes of the main Incomparable Mothership show. Vulcan Hello will always be Scott and Jason though, starting off the episode with some jokes, and telling us what they think of the episode before they dive in.

There’s some other meta-level of satisfaction where I’m happy with their discussion of the finale (no spoilers, and if you want to know what I think it just so happens to be closely aligned with what Scott and Jason think on this one.)

I’ll miss Discovery for a variety of reasons. It was an … imperfect … show, but people wouldn’t watch it if they didn’t care about it, and I watched the whole thing beginning to end. CBS All Access to Paramount+ to Paramount+ with Showtime. From the indirect connection to the incredibly uneven Star Trek: Picard to Discovery’s role in spinning up Strange New Worlds it inarguably had an impact for all Star Trek fans.

Vulcan goodbye to Discovery. 🖖

2024-05-31 15:25:00

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